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Lebanese Youth Society.
A Lebanese NGO dedicated to empower the young generation of Lebanon.
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With 5 years of experience, YED mirrors the diversity of the Lebanese Community and it is committed to be beneficial for all.
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“Success in Business” Course

Learn how to be business oriented, so you can start your own successful business. “Success in Business” Course

July - August 2019
Youth Academy - AUT
With 5 years of experience, YED, established in August 4th 2014 by young people to help young people.
We believe that YED should mirror the diversity of the Lebanese Community. Thus, we are committed to ensure that our programs are comprehensive and beneficial to all, and that our network is open and non-partisan, irrespective of religion, gender, or political affiliation.
In YED we trust that perseverance is the ultimate key to success. Determination is reflected not only in our will to achieving our mission but also in our daily duties and day to day activities.
Joint projects
YED has contributed in achieving a better future for the Lebanese Youth through building projects that helps in creating job opportunities as well as planning events built around the youth wellbeing.
Youth Academy is a joint project with YED. An academy offering free learning and improving skills, from expertise in real world case studies. Therefor, the youth will get certiified by the American University of Technology - AUT.
Staying in Leb is a is a complete solution for companies and job seekers. It is a joint project with YED. The perfect website to offer the youth an evolving career, new freelance projects or just great chances of employment.
the people behind yed
the President of the Board of Trustees
Simon Abi Ramia
the Chairman
Hani Imad
the vice-president
Hala Merheb
the secretary general
Nadine Imad
the treasurer
Albert Abi Ramia
the Accountant
Emile Abi Ramia

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