Launch of Youth Academy.
March 26, 2019

The Youth Youth Association, in collaboration with the American University of Technology (AUT), launched the Youth Academy under the patronage of the President of the Committee for Youth and Sports MP Simon Abi Remia and in the presence of MP Ziad Al-Hawat and Mustafa Husseini, Mayor of Jubail Natali Khoury, Jbeil District, Fadi Martinez and his deputy Khalid Sadaqa, President of the Jbeil Association of Municipalities Michel Gibran, Mayor of the Municipality of El Fidar Rodríg Basil, a number of mayors and mukhtars, the President of the Association Hani Emad, members and activists.

After the national anthem and a welcome speech from Vice President Marcel Hanin, the President of the University, Ghada Hanin, said: “Our young people are in dire need to deepen their will for renewal and change, and to strengthen their abilities to do so. Change and develop it after setting the ladder of values ​​inherent to the transition from a bad reality to another advanced. ” “The equal opportunity for success is available in Lebanon as it is available abroad, and it is time for Lebanon to embrace its strengths and achievements,” she said.

“Give those you love wings to fly, roots back to them, reasons for survival,” the president of the association said. “Because of this principle and because young people are the backbone of the society and if we lose it, we lose the entire country. Because job and opportunity are the main concern for young people and their survival in Lebanon, on 25 February 2018 we launched the first free job search engine in Lebanon Which is, and we have started with 80 job opportunities – and today we have proudly reached 200 jobs. “

“In less than a year of our inception, we have come close to the record of career profiles that have been launched for years, with the difference that our jobs are in Lebanon and the link we make between the employer and the business student is completely free.”

“The first free training for the Academy and for the program participants will be on CV Writing and HR Interviews to equip young people with the skills of professionally writing a CV and having a successful interview with HR officials in companies and institutions that enhances their chances of getting the jobs they offer, .

Abi Rumia
Then MP Abu Rumia said: “Our meeting today has several messages, and the first message is a political representation of the dear presence in my heart to my colleagues Ziad Hawat and Mustafa Husseini, because this is evidence of a decision we have taken together to neutralize the development files of our political differences, integrated development for the benefit of Jbeil “Our slogan as a bloc of MPs in Jbeil, apart from the various political affiliations, is Jbeil first and last, and we tell our people in the judiciary that the train is on the track as it should be.

“Since my election in 2009, I have discovered that the biggest forms in Lebanon are the Lebanese youth,” he said. Despair and frustration, because the youth of Lebanon look to their country as if they had no horizon or a future to stay in it, and if not for individual and private initiatives, we could not secure the ingredients of a decent life. When the youth committee was received it was mostly sporty. Youth life The Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Labor and other ministries, and to this end I met with representatives of youth organizations representing different political parties. In 2012 we launched a youth policy document that reflects the concerns of the Lebanese youth and their daily problems. “

He said: “I am sorry that the Lebanese parliament has turned into a market for political grievances through aggressive and offensive speeches. The main concern is how to secure the best future for our youth. Sometimes I feel that I am shouting alone in the desert. I want to declare a state of emergency in Lebanon. .

He said: “We studied with the United Nations. The figures were very frightening, firstly because 86 percent of Lebanese youth are their goal and their dream of emigration. This is a number that is shocking to us as politicians. Second, 66 percent of immigrants represent young people. Put an end to it, in addition to the fact that, despite the prevailing unemployment in Lebanon, 60 percent of those aged between 18 and 29 years. “

“In all countries of the world, the main concern for governments that are emerging is how to combat unemployment. In Lebanon, unfortunately, there are no precise figures in this regard, because we simply do not have accurate statistical institutions. In Lebanon, through various initiatives, the most important of which is the existence of a policy that is compatible with all the relevant ministries to enhance the dignity of young Lebanese who, if migrated Lebanon, means that 70 or 80 percent of them will not return, and Lebanon could then go extinct.

“We are taking a number of initiatives at YED, and Jbeil Square is an arena for its experience, and we rejoice when we have twinning and partnership with universities like AUT, which we share in this concern.

He concluded: “The Lebanese despair of March 8 and March 14, and the controversial political issues, wants to wake up in the morning to realize that he is a citizen with dignity and the foundations of life, he goes to work in peace and security, and receives his salary with dignity.”

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