Transparency in the oil and gas sector.
March 26, 2019

In cooperation with the Lebanese Transparency Association (LTA), YED held a symposium on the draft law “Transparency in the Oil and Gas Sector”, in which experts, researchers and university students participated.
The beginning of the national anthem, and then the President of the Association “hand” Hani Emad Kalima, he noted that “all Lebanese are waiting for the moment of extraction of the first barrel of oil in Lebanon, and we have already entered the club in the countries producing and exporting oil after we entered the world of oil and gas with The Lebanese State signed an agreement for the exploration, drilling and production agreement with the French consortium Total, Italy’s ENI and your Russian inventory.
He said that hopes are high on this sector, especially with the difficult economic situation in Lebanon. Which makes this sector the first stage of salvation, which is hoped to be a lever needed by the national economy.
He said that this option is the best option as it distanced from Lebanon the specter of borrowing and the accompanying interest on loans that kill the investment process and thus economic growth and increase the size of public debt.
He added: “We are all hopeful in this era led by an exceptional man and a reformist man who we hope will rid the Lebanese state of the corruption and purify its institutions. We hope that, as he was the initiator to make Lebanon an oil country, We have a blessing to a curse. “
The director of programs in the Lebanese Association for the Promotion of Transparency – No corruption, Ayman Dandash, that within the framework of our work in the Assembly, was the subject of the oil and gas sector of the priorities of the Assembly and through the project to promote transparency in this sector across Salsa workshops in all provinces aimed at defining Citizens on the importance of applying the law of transparency in this sector. Resulting in rational management of this sector.

In closing, there was a panel discussion between the coach on good governance and transparency, Julian Korson, and the audience.

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